Thursday, March 25, 2010

Presentation of aInts

We created this blog to present the progress of the aInts project. This project, which is part of the artificial intelligence course of Chalmers University, is to develop an ant colony algorithm. One of our inspirations for choosing this subject is the book "Empire of the ants" of the French writer Bernard Werber (more info: see
The book is a mix of science fiction, more or less accurate scientific facts and a passionating story. It describes an ant colony organization through a very interesting inside angle and gave us inspiration simulate such behaviors.
The concept of emergence also attracted us, about the magic of having lots of agents with very simple behaviors, and see complex and organized colony behaviors emerge out of it.
We are currently still looking for more information on the subject and thinking on how to narrow the project, but we currently want to focus more on simulation of the colony, having something that look like a real ant colony rather than trying to solve other algorithm problems with it.

The members of the project are:
Myriam Économou
Sonia Kostenko
Éric Hauchecorne
Raphaël Vandon

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